Vision of Disorder: an Indellable Metalcore Mark

Vision of Disorder Imprint Amazonvision of disorder

Shear unbridled aggression transformed into a pure musical mayhem can only translate into one young, up-and-coming band. Vision of Disorder leave their indelible mark on listeners with their sophomore Roadrunner release Imprint. After having endured extreme personal tragedy the quintet hailing from Long Island, NY return stronger and readier than ever to prove why they are not a band to be overlooked in the loud rock world. VOD demonstrate a more mature song writing style emphasizing a metal edge in conjunction with their already famed hardcore roots. Vocalist Tim Williams ear-bleeding screams crossed with Emo-type melody lines offset the distorted rage of Matt Baumbach and Mike Kennedy’s dual guitar onslaught. Couple their emotional palette of sound with Brendan Cohen’s aggressive drumming and the bottom end attack of bassist Mike Fleishmann and there really is no escaping a bruising. From the opening musical rebellion of “What You Are” to the haunting closing lines of “Jada Bloom” VOD never once let the energy level subdue during Imprint. “12 Steps To Nothing” demonstrates the bands new metal experimentation while “Clone” beckons back to the bands hardcore roots. Throw in a cameo appearance by Phil Anselmo (Pantera) on the duet in-extremis “By the River” and the scars simply refuse to fade. Producer Dave Sardy (Helmet, Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Rick Rubin) helped VOD capture their brutal and distinct brand of sound on tape in 19 days. In that short a time one of the heaviest albums of 1998 was born. With shades of all their influences and personal experiences twisted throughout Imprint, VOD leave an impression few listeners have been able to walk away from. Throughout the eleven song frenzy the quintet demonstrates why they are a product of energy and angst and So if you think you might be ready for the adrenaline-charged, highly emotional confrontation with racket that Vision of Disorder serve up on Imprint than you better hang onto your temporary tattoos because this band will leave a much more lasting mark.


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