Skinlab: embody the thragroove sound

Skinlab Disemody the new flesh AmazonSkinlab
Disembody: the New Flesh
Century Media

Hailing from the Bay Area as a thrash band means you have some pretty big shoes to fill. After all, the Frisco-Oakland scene spawned in part the semonal metal acts Metallica, Megadeth and Testament as well as second-generation thrash heros Machine Head. On ther sophmore effort however, Skinlab, bring to the table as much raw aggression and angst to rival any of their predecessors, while redefining thier own unique and intense sound. Disembody: the New Flesh represents a metamorphisis for its members, a rebirth of sorts, and an oppertunity fully express themselves fully. Building the the raw, unrefined concepts laid out on their debut Bound, Gagged and Blindfolded Skinlab embrace their new skin with an unbridled aggression and musical prowess. From the opening riff of “So Far From the Truth” to the closing fade of “Looks Can be Deceiving” the quartet graciously accept the torch passed to them from the previous titans of the Bay Area scene and begin to burm their own bonfiresque flame. Haunting vocal melodies are offset by gutteral screams over a technical groundwork laid by dual harmonized guitars, fledging bass line and thrashing double bass inspired drums. With production credits going to veteran of the metal scene, Andy Sneap (Machine Head, Earth Crisis), Skinlab’s sound has matured well beyond powerful to exillerating. Add in the power that newcomers Scott Sargeant (Killing Culture) and Snake (Skrew) bring into both the songwriting and the overall sound and you understand why Skinlab are as solid as they are on Disembody… Shedding all past comparisons to their contemporaries as well as the genre’s forfathers, Skinlab take on a new life compromising of unadulterated grit and Bay Area grind. They unleash catchy, driving hooks paired with ferocious rhythms and their own brutal and driving intensity with passages as quiet as a back alley on a summers night ballanced by blasts as noisy as the first nuclear tests. For all those who ever claimed, even in a whisper, metal was dead and thrash is part of the dinasaur legacy of the genre, Skinlab are the second-coming of the messiah that you will have to face naked and alone, while the rest of the extreme music cominity listens to your wimpers as you shed your commercial skin


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