Nevermore: dreaming power thrash

nevermore dreaming neon black amazonNevermore
Dreaming Neon Black
Century Media

The trend of flannels, pity me lyrics and fuzzed out guitars better known as the grunge scene may have come to pass but one Seattle based band scoffs at the thought they they come from the same city as the pop phenom. Rather, Nevermore continuing the Seattle tradition of progressive writing established over a decade ago by city brethren, Queensryche. Embarking on their third full length musical voyage entitled Dreaming Black Neon, Nevermore build on every progressive element they experimented with in their previous musical outings. Thick, complex guitar harmonies evolve out of driven rhythm lines as time and key signatures melt away beneath the layers of songwriting while multiple vocal personalities shine forth throughout the near hour long endevour. Although the quintet breaks very little new personal ground compared to their previous outings, the shear musicality of the group over the years has improved ot the point of internal excellence. Not only does the band interact well within it’s own individual parts, they also work together as a whole to paint aural pictures. Shifting graciously between moods and elaborating on lyrical content with harmonic structure Nevermore explore their genre to an extreme. The elaborate writing style of Nevermore’s past is continued throughout Dreaming… effectively demonstrates the full range of Warren Dane’s vocals, allowing him to scream like a siren, howl like a wolf and bellow in the depts of a fog to convey a vast array of emotions. The palet of colours in his voice becomes even more intreguing as he often creates his own earie harmony parts. Overall however, there is a simplistic nature to Dreaming… unlike all of thier previous musical adventures. Balancing on the razors edge between the progressive and power metal scenes, Nevermore continue to experiment within both genres, attempting to push their brand of melodic thrash to a new level. Although it appears as if they may have missed the mark at times and overshot at on others during Dreaming… the final product acheives an ear pleasing result. Listening wide awake to Nevermore this time around will leave you dreaming in a vast array of musical shades and open new doors for you in the thrash and progressive music scene. Thats is of course unless the spance of your listening does not include shades of neon black.


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