Candiria: the process of sonic cocktails

candiria process of self development AmazonCandiria
the Process of Self.Development

Combine a shot of hardcore, hip hop and jazz with a splash of thrash and NY street aggression and shake. Serve straight up and await the dizzying head-pounding effects of one of the most lethal and innovative bands ever, Candiria On their third full length venture, “A Process of Self Devolopment,” Candiria bridge musical chasm with effortless control and finesse. In twelve songs clocking in a just under 70 minutes the band explore the outer realms of countless musical genres with an avant-garde expression paired with calculated aggression. Completely disregarding the bounds of categorization they are accomplished musicians at ever style they attempt. Fluidly moving though time and key changes, incorporating aspects of late 40’s and 50’s era bop jazz with grainy hardcore, discordant thrash and even aspects of hip hop. Candiria are truly a product of the streets of NYC. Their musical expression has no boundaries running the gamit from trippy drum and bass loops to all out guitar driven aggression, from rap to emotional screaming, from avant garde idealism to calculated metallic riffs. All of this occasionally occurring within the confines of a singular son which leaves the average listener with a result not unlike that of alcohol poisoning. Candiria’s “Process of Self Devolopment” has led them to the exploration of a new form musical expression which can boarder on harsh and displeasing for some. The overwhelming diversity means there is something for everyone, however the music contained on the CD is not all encompassing and warrants a special kind of listener to become a fan of this Urban Fusion. So if you feel up to taking a taste of the intoxicating cocktail known as Candiria than by all means let the room start spinning, but if your mind is as closed as a public wine cellar during prohibition than you should avoid the local speakeasy.


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