the Dillinger Escape Plan: making infinite musical calculations

the dillinger escape plan calculating infinity Amazonthe Dillinger Escape Plan
Calculating Infinity

Exactly how does one successfully calculate something as encompassing as infinity. It is the equlivent of trying to define the imagination or confine an abyss. Impossible in almost every way, save one, for Dillinger Escape Plan it can be done. A sonic assualt on the ears equlvelant to the thoughts of a trigonometry funciton for a forth grader, New Jersey’s Dillinger Escape Plan not only attempt to calculate but actually define the bounds of infinity. Amost spastic in a way, Dillinger’s sound embrases abbrasive with the clutching hands of a small child and explores the musical world around it in much the same manner. Each track could serve as the soundtrack for a seizure with the incorperation of hardcore, thrash, fusion and noise into a five minute or less fury of sound. The confines of traditional musical structure melt away as if a snowball in the midsummer’s heat leaving a small puddle for that confused four year old to thrash around in. The enduring quality in “…Infinity” is that is maintains an artistic approach throughout splattering nature of it’s sound. There is true musicianship to controling that much instrumental insanity. It is truly calculated aggression on the part of the members of Dillinger and they control each tone as if on the edge of orgasm. Spinning and tumbling ideas in a cememnt mixer of a muscal machine while maintaining the calculating percision of mathmatitian the quintet dares to defy the bounds of a musical reality. From the persistance of sound to endure in the form of music this avant garde idealism gives birth to the organized chaos that is concidered noise and on “Calculating Infinity.” So if you are prepared to explore the outer realms of your mind in a musical voyage into the chaotic abyss than allow Dillinger Escape Plan to take you for that ride. Otherwise you’d better calculate how you’re going to afford your next Ricki Martin cd because this is the way to a sure fire heart attack.


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