the Dillinger Escape Plan: under the aural running board

the Dillinger Escape Plan Under the Running Board Amazonthe Dillinger Escape Plan
Under the Running Board

If one were to compose the soundtrack to a cruise down US-9 South through Ocean County New Jersey in the family jalopy during mid-August with no air conditioning they would end up with something like what the Dillinger Escape Plan produce. It is irate… spastic… defiant… obnoxious… and thrashingly aggressive as could only be produced by one too many summers spent in Dirty Jersey traffic. Under the Running Board is the second EP and first with Relapse for the boys who seek to redefine what we call metalcore but infusing it with jazz runs and diabolic time changes to keep you on your toes. They twist, they turn, they tumble into riffs and grooves effortlessly and yet spare you the monotonous continuity you expect from a hardcore outfit. Call it mathcore if you need but no amount of arithmetic will help you count the technical bends of their hardcore strife. If this is what they can pack into a four song effort it only stands to reason they will melt minds and turn eardrums to mush when they finally drive a full length effort home. Until then we’re left with our toes in the twisted wreckage of a legendary moshpit and the likes of being aurally caught under DEP’s running board


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